DELIGHTFULL’s unique collection called Heritage is full of suggestions that can give you a broad selection of high quality lighting pieces, adjustable to many kinds of atmosphere and space. Heritage assorted 30's, 40's and 50's Soul and Jazz legacy with the major value a man can have - WISDOM - to do with his own hands. A multipurpose collection with 45 pieces with high aesthetic character combined in 4 typologies.


By ordering Delightfull products you are agreeing to abide by these Terms and Conditions:

The stated list of prices and percentages substitutes any other published or advertised before;
Each stated price corresponds to a single piece;
The packaging is included in the price. If a specific packaging is desired, this is fully charged to the client;
VAT is not included in the price, this legal tax must be added to the price;
The price doesn’t include transportation values and fees (exfactory);
If the client chooses to transport the product(s) by his own method or mean, Delightfull will be free of any responsibility due to the transportation;
If the transportation is requested to Delightfull, it will be charged apart from the product(s) value;
Delightfull reserves the right to charge extra 20% of the transportation value if the client postpones the expedition date, in 3 or less days to the agreed date;
Damage in the piece(s) must be communicated in the first 48 hours after reception. Photographic proofs must be sent to the e-mail: ;
Confirming any damage in the piece(s) that leads to substitution, Delightfull compromises to substitute the damaged part/piece integrally, within a period agreed with the client. It is mandatory to receive the damaged part/piece to change it by the new one.

Tel. : +351 912 528 471
Fax. : +351 22 488 71 70

40% to adjudicate the work (order);
Remaining 60% - until 3 days before the expedition date;
Delightfull starts the production after confirming receiving the 40% adjudication value. The lead time starts counting after this day;
Delightfull reserves the right to postpone the expedition date until the remaining 60% are received and confirmed;
All pieces are Delightfull’s property until the payment is 100% received and confirmed;
The payment must be made by account transfer (in Euro €) and a confirmation (receipt) of the transfer must be send by fax: +351 22 488 71 70 or e-mail:


Orders address
Secret Brands, Lda
Travessa Marques de Sá, 68
4435-324 Rio Tinto - Portugal

Company bank’s address
Rua Pedro Alvares Cabral, 865
Rio Tinto - Portugal

Account name
Secret Brands, Lda
PT50 0010 0000 4763 9440 0017 7
0010 0000 4763 9440 0017 7


Rio Tinto . Portugal
T. +351 912 528 471
F. +351 224 887 170


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