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Best Interior Designers in California

If you think about California, it’s impossible to not think also about its most wanted interior designers.

Check out the celebs of this field that are constantly searched for the most renowned clients of USA.

Mary McDonald

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Consistently considered one of House Beautiful Top 100 Designers, Mary McDonald is one of today’s most wanted designers. The LA based designer has captivated the design community with beautiful interiors and all this is featured in major publications like Veranda or International Vogue. Her style combines vintage elegance with modern sensibility and the ability to combine audacious patterns, for example, Chinoiserie and Indian influences with contemporary lines, resulting in her established signature style. In addition to the design work she also released a book, Mary McDonald Interiors: The Allure of Style and she’s also taking her first steps in the lighting business, since she launched her first collaboration with Robert Abbey Inc.


Jeffrey Allan Marks

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The Hollywood Reporter calls him the “town’s most wanted decorators. Jeffrey Allan Marks believes that the processo f designing should be creative and amusing refecting his design and personal posture. Having studied in England and lived in Paris and Milan, his work caught some of the characteristics of french and italian methods. From Santa Monica, his firm designs luxury homes both in the UK and America and comercial projects like restaurants as well. Included in House Beautiful’s listo f most influential decorators in American History, his work is consistently published by major magazines like Elle Décor or British in Style Home.


Kathryn Ireland

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Born and raised in England and Scotland, she arrived in LA in 1986. Before her design business took off, she worked as na actress, clothing designer and even as a filmmaker. Kathryn’s signature style can be portrayed as bohemian, with a great ammount of color and not very orthodox. Her book of clientes includes names as Steve Martin or Julia Louis-Dreyfus and until now she released four books. Her fabrics are distributed across the United States and her work has been published in top design magazines or even in the Wall Street Journal.


Martyn Lawrence Bullard

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The multi award winning LA based interior designer is known for his wide range of styles and also for his sophisticated  and warm interiors. With work printed in more than 4000 publications worldwide, his top clientele includes Sir Elton John or Eva Mendes among many others and he also designed Colony Palms Hotel and Jimmy Choo Stores around the world.

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