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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
Maison et Objet 2016 lighting brands featured

Trend Report from Maison et Objet 2016: modern lighting brands

 Maison et Objet 2016 as already started! Here we show you some of the most modern lighting brands that you can find in the event. Take a look!

Maison et Objet 2016 lighting brands 1

Designs and inventions based on our own human needs and desires for beautiful objects.  It is important to us that we feel passionately connected to the design and its functional purpose. Dedicated to the discovery of new modern light fixture design that couples our craft for the highest manufacturing standards and our long Danish Heritage of modern Design.


Maison et Objet 2016 lighting brands 2

Delightfull’s lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, and strong emotions are present in each detail. They transfer the passion and devotion into everything they make. Delightfull shares soul and heritage with the world… a delightfull world.

Maison et Objet 2016 lighting brands 3

Lasvit is a manufacturer of unique works of glass, including bespoke lighting installations, glass artworks, and award-winning collections.


Tom Dixon
Maison et Objet 2016 lighting brands 4

Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British product design brand. With a commitment to innovation and a mission to revive the British furniture industry, the brand is inspired by the nation’s unique heritage and produces extraordinary objects for everyday use.


Maison et Objet 2016 lighting brands 5

In 1999 Central London, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron gave up their jobs within design consultancy and furniture design to pursue a shared dream of a unique but diverse furniture and lighting brand. From their humble beginning in an old lighting factory in Wembley, North London, they had worked with designers from across the globe who called London their home. And even today they continue to embrace that vivid diversity, striving to be ‘as British as London itself’ – that is to say very British and yet highly adaptable and with a global vision. Their quirky and rebellious approach to design driven by high-spirited London culture. This is the story of a culture with greatly antagonistic qualities – on the one hand, classical English tradition and on the other, the tumultuous punk culture. And Innermost exists in the coming together of these heterogeneous elements, purveying taste and quality with a non-conformist attitude.

Maison et Objet 2016 lighting brands 6

LUXXU is a new lighting experience, a brand that provides a collection capable of making your projects come true, combined the classic forms with a modern attitude. It’s made with the finest selection of materials as brass, glass and Swarovski crystal combined with rare handwork techniques and contemporary design.


You can visit DelightFULL’s Inspirations Page as well as our pinterest boards in order to get more inspirations. Get more ideas for your projects and find functional, stylish and sizable lighting and furniture choices.

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