London Design Festival: Designjuntion Supporting Dyslexia in design

This year, during the London Design Festival, designjuntion will be supporting dyslexia in design, hosting the Dyslexic Design – an exhibition which celebrates the connection between the dyslexia and creativity.

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This project will showcase more than 10 designers’ work over five days, in support of the British Dyslexia Association. The huge goal of the project is to challenge perceptions of dyslexia by accentuating the positive effects and its close association with design, aiming to remove the stigma sometimes associated with it.

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The exhibition, curated by Jim Rokos, will gather more than 10 leading designers from multiple design disciplines including product, fashion, illustration, home decor and fine art will showcase their work in a stunning temporary curated exhibition on Granary Square.


”I am delighted designjunction shares my vision and desire to remove the unwanted and unwarranted stigma sometimes associated to dyslexia and in doing so change perceptions of it. We believe that this condition is something that drives and inspires creative thought and design.“ said Deborah Spencer, Managing Director, design festival-designjuntion-supporting-design-1london-designjuntion-supporting-design-1

The house on Granary Square will be transformed into a spectacular micro-exhibition by celebrated interior designer Ab Rogers, without any doubt is an event not to lose!


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