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UNIQUE was born from the mind of the trend hunters and design lovers here at the DelightFULL studio. We share a vision so unique, so characteristic about the world around us and the world of design that we had to share it with you.

Much more than collecting news about a world full of sleek lines, 50’s jazz tunes and iconic combos of golden details and bossa nova inspired furniture… We have a team of writers that not only are at the epicenter of it all but that also have a Unique Voice.

Let’s know the team:

Cesária Castro
Unique’s purpose is to bring passion to people’s life. That’s why I am so happy here: passion is my fuel and I want to inspire others, sharing the best things with them. Interior Design, Art and Fashion are my favourite subjects but I will write about anything just to make you happy.

Catarina Silva
Hi, I’m Catarina Silva, a young journalist. Unique, for me, is a professional blog that pursues to inform you daily about the best lighting tips and novelties about the sector. I’m interested about giving you the more over the top lighting news & tips.