DOM-A: The Easy A+ of Design!

More than 400 design projects since 1996!

Dom-A is a Russian Design Company that combines the best of both worlds to come up with the best design projects: the process of creating new and imaginative design solutions, and the combination with engineering. Continue reading to know more about the design firm, and the projects!

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In only 12 years of work in the field, Dom-A has done more than 400 different projects: private projects, residencial, apartments, restaurants, hotels, commercial spaces, you name it!

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The team has 40 professionals from different fields such as architecture, interior design, so you can have a complete service: since the scratch to reality!

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Maria Silver and Sergey Makushev decided to join forces to provide its clients the best design solution, making a combo between functionality, aesthetics, and engineering.

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Actually, many members of the team have received several diplomas and prizes regarding architecture and design. The company was also featured in different articles of very important interior design magazines.

“We love our work and we have fun doing it. So, we don’t only create project for us, but we also respect the personality and the client’s taste, because we are doing projects for people!”

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This is a great value of the design company, because they want the project to fulfil the clients’ needs and wishes, and they want that the final project reveals the personality of the client.

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One feature that distinguishes Dom-A is the fact that they use selected curate design pieces from well-known brands from all over the world, to provide their clients a high quality project.

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Working with more than 200 Italian Design Brands, the Russian Company has special prices and conditions for their clients. If you are decorating or redecorating your house, or if you have a project in hands, and you need some help, Dom-A will find the solution.

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The studio has all the pieces of the portfolio, and they are able to produce projects for a private house or apartment.

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