Lee Jofa Store: a world of refinement

If you are a fan of decor stores, we are sure that you already have heard about Lee Jofa Store. The timeless quality of hand-crafted furniture featuring both delicate style […]

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Gubi: a unique nordic design

It is well known that nordic design has a huge impact in the global interior design. Gubi, a danish top brand, is an example of  a culture full of sophistication, […]

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Summer ideas to decorate your home

Summer invaded your home and you can’t avoid the panic that already persecutes you: how will you invite guests if your house isn’t ready with the right acessories? What about […]

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straight lines

Timp: straight lines, exquisite design

 Close your eyes and imagine a unique minimalistic desk lamp. Done? Now open your eyes and take a look at the creation of Lutz Pankow, a german designer. “Timp” is […]

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Waves of joy under peculiar ceilings

Usually, you go to a concert for the music. Now if you buy tickets to watch a band or an orchestra in “Place des Arts” in Montreal, you might be […]

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Hotel Castel dels Hams: an idyllic ambiance

A2arquitectos recently renovated the existing Hotel Castell dels Hams in Majorca, Spain, which looks like a beautiful hotel and spa. As an ambitious project of interior architecture, it evoques a […]

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Novelties from Amtico at 100% Design

To the most experts and well informed, at a first look, we aren’t telling anything new: Amtico will display new products at this year’s 100% Design exhibition, the consacrated contemporain […]

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