• Diana Lamps, with their brutal "Factory" form, are perfect solutions of light to highlight a particular area in the room.
    Elle Decor 2013
  • For Type Lovers: Alphabet Lamps That Will Add A Twist To Home Decorating.
    designtaxi.com - 2013
  • A must have for any classy and vintage lover.
    nydesignagenda.com USA 2013
  • Tous les luminaires sont autant de surprises – par leur forme originale, leurs dimensions remarquables, ou la couleur audacieuse.
    LIGHT PARTNER – France - 2013
  • Andere Farbe und Größe? Die Herstellung ist kein Problem. Neben Aluminium kommen Kupfer, Messing, Carrara-Marmor und Gold.
    dopo-domani.com Germany 2013
  • Créées par Delightfull, les suspensions “Clark” reflètent une personnalité, un état d’esprit, et des émotions que l’on retrouve dans chaque détail.
    milkmagazine.net France 2013
  • La elegancia, la suavidad propia de los objetos lumínicos, y la sofisticación están bien representados en cada uno de los objetos de la colección de Delightfull.
    decototal.com - 2013
  • Cветильники Delightfull - деталь интерьера в эклектическом ретростиле.
    Le Classique – Russia - 2013
  • Coltrane by Portuguese design studio Delightfull is a lamp with a strong character which attracts everyone's attention. Price on request, delightfull.eu
    Licht + Wohnen 2012
  • Clark lamp is inspired in forties, back to the art deco, when only music mattered.
    Marie Claire Maison 2012
  • The spirit of the fifties holding up well. New objects in modified form language carry the charm of this decade to the present time.
    WR 2012
  • Ike standing lamp is the ideal corner piece for a lobby or a living room.
    Archiproducts 2012
  • Meola from Delightfull hides its discreet light behind its wide lampshade.
    Licht + Wohnen 2012
  • Un mix di linee pure e forme scultoree vestite da tocchi d'oro e riflessi metallizzati.
    Elle Decor - Italia

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  • botti unique ceiling lamp
    botti unique ceiling lamp
Non-conventional and juicy: here they are, the colorful and extremely communicative graphic lamps made for Delightfull’s new collection.
Ideal for hotels and clubs, these floor, table and wall fixtures will revolutionize the lighting concepts, arriving in form of letters, numbers or symbols. Each lighting letter is based on a wide selection of iconic type fonts with a Delightfull twist.
Each letter seems to talk and to impose a respectful position. Astonish yourself with the explosive “M” lighting letter featuring its complex body composed by aluminum, brass, acrylic and iron.
Between an electrifying “P” or a super pop “K”. And if you have one date that you totally want to mark forever, the numbers graphic lamps will do it for you: easy, easy.
It’s possible to create a lighting environment full of a vibrating energy: the word you choose will be highlighted in a new unique way through the filament and neon bulbs that will flash your eyes.
We must say: personality has arrived with these juicy graphic lamps.
Aluminum, Brass, Acrylic, Steel
E27, E14, Neon, LED
By Bolli from Switzerland on 30 March, 2014
Please send me your catalogue with the selection of lamps ( numbers and letters ) and the price list. Is it possible for you to send the lamps to Switzerland / germany and how much would that cost ? Thank you
By Francesca Storey from New Zealand on 22 May, 2014
Just picked up a Livingetc (an old one) and my heart skipped a beat when i saw an advert for your lit typography - pure joy! I\'m trying to determine whether you have the goods already designed to choose from or they are just custom made? I\'m interested in them for both my personal fulfillment (!) and for my business. Thanks - look forward to hearing from you.