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Big and bold, this black blocky letter brings cheerfulness to any interior or exterior space with its stunning rainbow neon effect. Ideal for lobbies, design bars or restaurants.

It comes with a large anti-reflective acrylic panel to protect the neons. With a height of 1 meter, the versatile floor lamp will make the difference on your project. You can either put it on the ground or the wall.
Frame - Aluminum and Acrylic
Lighting - Rainbow Neons 120W
RAL - Matte Jet Black
Aprox. 27kg
105 x 118 x 20 cm
39.5 x 46.3 x 7.9 in
By Chad Pelliccioni from United States on 31 March, 2014
Hi what is the cost on this piece? Thanks!
By Julie McGarry from United Kingdom on 03 April, 2014
How much is the letter \'M\' and what are the lead times? The other forms on the page don\'t seem to work Thanks
By Rocio arranz Hernando from Spain on 22 September, 2014
Godo morning, I wanted to know what would be the price for buying various light letters, creating the name \"LA MINA\" As well as the differemt options of comporsition. Thank you so much for everything, Best regards, Rocio
By Mohammed from Qatar on 31 May, 2014
I would like to ask about the letter M price including shipping to Qatar.
By Cecilia from France on 30 October, 2014
Hom much are this letters including shipping to France please ? I am interested in the letters M and H.
By Patricia Martín from Spain on 07 November, 2014
Hi! This piece is truly amazing. I would like to know the price. Thanks!
By NADA from Switzerland on 17 December, 2014
Can you please give me an estimation price for the M letter and shipping to Switzerland Thank you
By DD from Sweden on 17 December, 2014
We would like to get a price and delivery information. We re interested in more letters is the prices similar? Thank you.
By Philip from Slovakia on 22 December, 2014
Such a great lightning! Don't know why but i just imagine this lighting letter on the office of M from the Bond movies! :D oh, it would give the minimalist style that just characterizes Bond..James Bond! :) Awesome lighting!
By Silvia Curry from Denmark on 22 December, 2014
This M is already trademark neon lighting piece for DelightFULL! I saw this at my friend's house he used it as floor lamp in his bedroom lighting design. It looks brilliantly finished! The materials and the led lights all looks great! Tell me one thing you call this type of light midcentury modern or a more vintage lighting? Dying to know!
By Susan from Australia on 22 December, 2014
Full of color and fun, M néon light is such a great inspiration for my project. But I wanted to know if I could use it as an outdoor lamp? Can you help me with that, please?
By Alexander from United Kingdom on 23 December, 2014
‘M’agnific this graphic collection of yours. Do you have it in bigger sizes? It works as outdoor lighting? I will need some tripod lamps for the project I am working on... Do you have any? Congrats for your work, you actually have unique lighting. Send me the catalogue, please, would you? Thank you very much, Alex.
By Mary from Korea, Republic of on 23 December, 2014
I love the rainbow neon effect but I really want to know if I can have this neon floor lamp in outdoor? Thank you very much.
By Rosalie from Croatia on 23 December, 2014
I’m so lucky to have this M on my workspace right? It is my lighting inspiration and just turn it on when I want to inspire myself! It gives a vintage lighting style and it is the only floor lamp (but we are thinking to put it like a wall light) that we have and the true is that we don’t need anything else.

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