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As Monday rolls around, you must be prepared to gather all the news about design. Once you step into our blog there’s no turn around there’s it? With inspiration from all four corners of the world, today we’re gathering some of the finest ways you can incorporate the contemporary design style into your home with nonetheless… Moleta Munro.


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Photo © Moleta Munro

From a small design store to one of the most coveted showrooms in Edinburgh, Moleta Munro counts with a creative path like no other. Focusing on finest furniture and lighting, the love for the classic modern and contemporary style never ceases to amaze once you put your eyes on some of the interior design projects of the company.

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 “Good design should be life-enhancing. It is with this in mind that Moleta Munro offers an interior design service to make sure that your home reflects your life and the way you live it.”

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Photo © Moleta Munro 

Driven by a Scandinavian aesthetic, the inspiration from some of the happiest people on the planet is palpable in the way they combine textures, tastes and the fluid movements of any room you step into.

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Photo © Moleta Munro

Proof of the way the best of living is to have a well-conceived space is the company’s showroom in the capital of Scotland. Showering the guests with the utmost taste of the finest brands in the contemporary world, the Scandinavian way of being is distinguished in this showroom by reflecting a certain way of disposing of the furniture and lighting. With wood making a distinguishable appearance, this just proves that you can achieve the level of happiness like anyone!

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Photo © Moleta Munro

The best part: it’s 10 minutes walk from Waverley Station! With plenty of independent shops to have a look around just stop by the cafes or the restaurant to have a treat!


When we speak about Moleta Munro, we need to mention where you can put your eyes to rest when it comes to design. From bars to theatres, from hotels to offices, the company is spread all over! One of the most charming is certainly the Aparthotel Adagio. Filled with the natural vibe of the interior design trends of 2018, this hospitality interior design counts with plenty of style while being the trendy space you’ll never want to leave again.


Once again, count on plenty of colour to make an appearance. With plenty to take inspiration from, the contrasting colour of the walls makes the perfect marriage with the natural and animal tones of the wallpaper. A safe space nestled in a beautiful corner, you can’t help but make a visit!

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Photo © Moleta Munro

One thing we couldn’t escape from was… the Timber House. Nestled on the Isle of Skye, this house has everything for a quiet and relaxing stay. Once again, the Scandinavian style is palpable in the interiors. And once you love the interior you will be absolutely amazed by the gorgeous views! Stay for the comfort and be in love with the splashes of colours to only leave for the range of activities the isle has to offer!


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