House Tour_ Gareth Bale's Private Luxury Pad!

House Tour: Gareth Bale’s Private Luxury Pad!

A Preview Of What You Might Find In Tagomago!

The world cup is closer to its final and we couldn’t let it go without mentioning one of the very best players of the season and one of the teams that got close to the final! This time around we gathered all the information about the coveted world cup players home where he actually proposed to his now wife. Located on a paradisiacal island, this private luxury pad, there’s no wonder she said yes!


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Nestled in the Mediterranean, this private island is loved by celebrities all over. From Cristiano Ronaldo to the Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, this luxury retreat in Tagomago is no less than a five-minute boat ride from Ibiza! The luxury pad is truly a welcome home retreat from reality.

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A plush five double bed villa on the 98-acre islands, it comes with its own perks. With a very unique 1909-built lighthouse the luxury retreat is described as – the perfect private paradise. It’s rumoured that the player rented this lifetime trip by more than £400,000.

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And when it comes to boasting the very best of the luxury pads, this private villa doesn’t spare anything.  With a fully stocked bar an incredible 60ft swimming pool, an outdoor whirlpool and with an astounding steam bath and sauna. With a charming and outrageous rooftop space to just soak in the sun, you can as well surround yourself with the spectacular views of the turquoise-coloured sea.

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With that in mind, the beautiful villa is understood to have included a full board and round the clock service from two chefs, a personal butler, two maids, a boat captain, a gardener and a mechanic. All around, a luxury service was provided to the incredible couple.

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The luxury private island of Tagamago is just an astounding 900m from the north-eastern coast of Ibiza and 79km off the coast of Valencia. The five-bedroom villa comes complete with lavished rooms styled by world known designers and to complete this astounding villa, the luxury getaway has a helipad for easy access via helicopter.


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