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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
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Inside The Screen : A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition!

Be ready, this is going to be a wild ride

This Halloween calls for one of the most spectaculars movies stays in of them all: An Halloween Movie Edition. With the second part of the Halloween coming this October, you absolutely need to have a lay-in filled with soda and popcorn to handle the spookiest times of them all. This Inside The Screen will take on a ride you that you won’t be able to sleep after!


 1. The Ring

Inside The Screen A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition! 7

We’ll start from the spookiest of them all. The Ring, a Japanese adaptation had such an impact in the world of horror that even though launched in 2002 it still gives us chills and fans still talk about it. A must see when it comes to the horror genre, if your appetite isn’t satiated after this one, you have The Ring 2 to binge watch.

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2. Hostel

Inside The Screen A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition! 6

Hostel, from the masterminds behind Cabin Fever and Kill Bill, is here to get you on a ride on one of the most tortuous films ever made. A wild ride from start to finish, Hostel counts with other two counterparts to make you not sleep for two weeks at least. Filled with suspense and twists and turns.


Inside The Screen A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition! 5

If you’re a lover of children, then this might not be the best choice in the matter when it comes to Halloween movie marathons. While Esther might seem like a stereotypical good girl, just like the tagline of this amazing movie: “There’s something wrong with Esther.”  And it might not be what you expect. Watch and give us your shout out!

4. The Others

Inside The Screen A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition! 3

A compelling story about a broken family, Nicole Kidman presents all the key elements that we’ve been dying to see in a while in the horror genre. A time travelling experience, The Others will not only bring you to tears as well as add that why is this happening je ne sais quoi as you see this masterpiece.

5. The Sixth Sense

Inside The Screen A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition! 4

Old but gold, Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment need to be on this list. A horror movie from one of the best directors in the genre, tears, scares and an unrepentant need to save the protagonist will envelop you in this magnificent story. Ranked as one of t Greatest Movies of All Time, what more are you expecting to start?

 6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Inside The Screen A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition! 2

Not spooky in the usual terms, this Tim Burton with Henry Selick movies is one of the most known movies of all time. Jack Skellington will envelop you in a Halloween-ish Chrismas-y vibe that will leave you in a nostalgic place. An amazing tale of dreams and innovation with a wicked humour that you will fall in love over and over.

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7. Coraline

Inside The Screen A Spooky Halloween Movie Edition! 1

Another great movie of Henry Selick, Coraline is a tale of the unexpected. An adaptation from one of the best writer there is, Neil Gaiman gave the free pass to make this forever movie. The stop-motion movie is here to make you dark fantasy movie wishes come true. Just be careful: you will never want to have buttons as your dolls eyes ever again.


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