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Trend Report_ Biggest Spring_Summer 2019 Colour Trends

Trend Report: Biggest Spring/Summer 2019 Colour Trends

It’s time for a trend report. New York, Milan, Paris and many more are getting ready to show the world what the best of the fashion world has to offer and with that comes plenty of work to be done. But, before we get into the world of wardrobe cleansing, we need to into what the Spring/Summer 2019 Colour Trends you need to be in the lookout for and how you can get them without going berserk on them. Follow the simple steps we’ve below and you’ll have an Elle Decor elated home!


Princess Blue

  Trend Report Biggest SpringSummer 2019 Colour Trends 3

A royal blue seems to be one of the Spring and Summer colour trends 2019. With plenty to tell, this glistening hue will add a gleaming tone into your modern home decor. A must add when it comes to powerful details, this royal tone will become the winning one on: wall decor and home decor accessories.

Aspen Golds

Trend Report Biggest SpringSummer 2019 Colour Trends

From the top of the mountains where the white of the snow and the rays of sunshine come in plenty, Aspen hues come to save your decor. The celebratory tone that you can add up in any time, it will turn this trend colour report a new and bright path of life. Get these golden rays of sunshine into your furniture and don’t forget that wood tones are required to balance it out!


Neon Mint

Trend Report Biggest SpringSummer 2019 Colour Trends

According to trend forecasts, this will be the huge hit in interior decor trends of 2020. The enigmatic energy of Neon Mint will envelop your interiors in an optimistic hug with a splash of style. Be bold and embody the Neon Mint of living in your walls. An adaptation of a lifestyle, the refreshing tone will be the bold move of the year.



Trend Report Biggest SpringSummer 2019 Colour Trends

When it comes to neutrals, you need to go for the subtle tones of soybean. The versatility of the tone goes hand in hand with golden elements, be it in the small decorative items to the lighting fixtures. Pair it with an art decor living style and you’ll have a dream – timeless design in one setting.

Candy Flavours

Trend Report Biggest SpringSummer 2019 Colour Trends

From bubblegum to cotton candy, Pink seems to be on the worlds favourite tones. Soft undertones that you can use and abuse because they are never too much. A soft elegance into a classic room, candy flavours go from soft pink to lilac and pair amazingly with golden and white tones in the whole decor.


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