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Summertime Magic: All About Summer Home Trends

While Summers seems to be on the slow tempo this year, it doesn’t mean that we can’t give you all the inspiration to turn your home around this Summer 2019. While you can already feel the summer breeze on the streets, Summertime Magic is on our minds and it seems that it’s never going to be away while the Summer shines!

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Summertime Magic All About Summer Home Trends

We’ll start with Coachella. With some of the prettiest of the hues you’ve ever seen in a while, this edition of Coachella was one filled with heart-shaped glasses, yellow tones and some of the prettiest lavender tones. From fashion home decor, the summertime tones for any modern home decor are simple and easy to use.

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Summertime Magic All About Summer Home Trends

With Summertime, the retro-modern style is once again at its finest. Along with the latest fashion summer trends 2019, the retro vintage style is getting it on and you should be adopting these summertime hues like no other. From soft baby blues to soft grey tones, this Summer home decor will be like no other.

Summertime Magic All About Summer Home Trends

Summer asks for freshness and style. If you had any doubts that yellow, blue and greenish tones. The colours of hope and rebirth are going to get your outdoor decor style being the envy of your guests and bring that fresh breeze of hope that you’ve been longing for in the long winter days.

Summertime Magic All About Summer Home Trends

If you’re a beach lover, then this is all about you. The latest summer beach bodies are all around the pink-ish tones in swimsuits to the neon of the neon-est tones are going to be the ones you’ll want to be wearing this year! Of course, your home is going to be following you around and this time is the perfect time to be investing in a personalized marquee lighting design to complete the overall look!


Summertime Magic All About Summer Home Trends

What’s better than the pinkest of pinks and add the flamingo power to your summer home decor. The greenish tones of this mood board just scream Summertime happiness. From the lovely tones that fit like a glove, this will be the airiest way of getting into the Summer groove this 2019.

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