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Clodagh | An Exclusive Peek Into New York Design

Located in the heart of New York City, you can find Clodagh, a design studio that perfectly mixes the power of interior design as a complete transformation of people’s lifestyle. The ability to balance serenity with minimalistic settings establishes a complete joy and bliss to every project that’s created.

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Clodagh | An Exclusive Peek Into New York Design
Image Credit Clodagh | Abington House

A New York-based design studio, Clodagh has a one of a kind vision when it comes to design. With constant evolution in the area of design, Clodagh has an uncommon and fresh perspective, due to their belief that design is able to transform people’s lives in so many levels. “Perhaps one of the best things is the happiness we bring through design. When people love and use every inch of our projects and tell us that their lives have changed and their family time is better than ever, we feel the job is well done”.

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Clodagh | An Exclusive Peek Into New York Design
Image Credit Clodagh | Miami Private Residence

This multi-discipline design firm shares a stunning award-winning portfolio that has expanded over 24 countries, with a large spectrum of eco-conscious projects and products, which is something that the firm stands for. “I don’t like the word trend..the movement is towards wellness and joy. At Clodagh Design we always include our wellness modalities: feng shui, biophilia, chromatherapy, wabi-sabi, and radiesthesia. We know that design is a healing art and we strive for that. We even have the ground on the sites healed before we start our projects. I see that many other designers and architects are including wellness modalities which underscores the strength of the movement”. Although they don’t appreciate the concept of trend, they perfectly follow a line of creativity that sits on the bliss and harmony of spaces.

Clodagh | An Exclusive Peek Into New York Design
Image Credit Clodagh | Sasanqua Spa Kiawah Island

Clodagh Design was founded in 1989 and things certainly changed since then. Now with three distinct business divisions: Clodagh Design International responsible for international projects, Clodagh Signature which takes care of product design division and Clodagh Collection, which is the online gallery.

Clodagh | An Exclusive Peek Into New York Design
Image Credit Clodagh | Six Senses Douro Valley

A design studio that really supports each other, Clodagh tells that, “We had some challenging periods in 2001 and 2008, but that’s the nature of the beast. Fortunately, my talented team of architects and designers helped us through those times gloriously”. So, they stand taller, and excel in every project, creating magnificent settings that focus on “life-enhancing Minimalism and Wellness by Design…everything you need, but nothing more than what you need, perfectly organized storage..no stagnation. We aim to bring joy and to find joy as we do it”.

Image Credit Clodagh | Six Senses Douro Valley

After all the ups and downs and amazing design projects, the design team still has plenty that wants to do – “I still want to design an art museum, a hospital a cross-generational multifamily building and a school. I want to design a building that gives homes to the homeless  I want to continue with my own art …next thing I dream of is a show of art lights…another photography show with some videos. I had my first photography exhibition at the Cheryl Hazan Gallery in Spring 2019. I have at least three books I want to write and am working on my fourth book. I want to go to Bhutan and Mongolia…I want to create fantastic edible landscapes“.

Original Article: Miami Design Agenda

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