5 Mid-Century Decor Inspirations

Mid Century is a popular style and has an undeniably timeless appeal. We identify easily mid-century modern room furniture by the simple forms, high functionality, minimal ornamentation and the juxtaposition of different, and sometimes contrasting materials. Don’t waste time and travel in the 5 decor inspirations that we select for you!

5 Mid-Century Decor Inspirations 1

When it gets dark, better than a Matheny wall light, three Matheny wall light which adds a smooth lighting effect to every single room of your interior design and can be customized to suit your needs. Music lovers, put your hand in the air! How relaxing can be the sound of playing the piano and be sit and quiet just appreciating the simple things?! Pull the blinds and let the natural light in when the sun is shining. Take your time and read a good book. Sit and play a new song. These little details are enough to change your day, and a mid-century ambience has the right elements to provides these feelings.


5 Mid-Century Decor Inspirations 1

To inspiration, we find the perfect combo: a misty blue wall, round mirror, colourful flowers, wood furniture, rug rough and a beautiful suspension lamp. These are keys to creating trendy decor in your home, you are welcome! Do not devalue a vintage pendant lamp such as Hanna Pendant that provides abundant light while adding style. The sleek lines with hints of contemporary flare depict sophistication and grace. Everything it’s possible, and if you don’t believe you should know that you can personalize and have a glossy blue shade outlined by a copper finish, giving it a lovely contrast!

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We really love the mid-century modern décor, as you can tell. The misty blue tones are a trend colour and it’s already showing its potential! Nature elements, wood furniture and different textures on our feet can be really inspirational.  Lighting pieces are always present and we can’t forget to talk about light! Amy table would be the perfect vintage piece to gives a pop up in this ambience because mid-century is a flexible style, more than we can imagine.

5 Mid-Century Decor Inspirations 1

Once again, the mid-century projects can surprise us with a singular ambience. Wood floor. Wood table. Wood chairs. Misty blue chairs. Plants on the table top. Natural light. What do we need more? Atomic pendant! DelightFULL’s atomic light inspired by the composition of the atom. A brand who thinks in individual wishes of clients, they can choose everything in the product: which finish, what color, how many shades, wire size, and the best part: you don’t pay more for that!



5 Mid-Century Decor Inspirations 5

I bet you are imagining you to take off shoes, feeling the texture of the rug between your fingers and pulling up the cushions after you lay down! Neutral colours and a colourful detail promote a feeling of peace and nothing is better than being rested. The plants are always welcome, be it au naturel or just in one wall art décor element – use it and abuse it.  Once again, Misty blue is everywhere and we absolutely love the colour, even in the lamp!

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