A True Partner: Vintage and Industrial Style

Nowadays we have a lot of decor styles and this is diversification is great. People who work in this area are really creative and today, we will show how materials and colours fit but mixing two different styles: vintage with industrial.

A True Partner Vintage and Industrial Style 1

We started with an intelligent form in how to use the objects, colours and features. A conjugation off vintage and industrial style results in a pratic decor, sober and simple. Modern armchair and colourful details are enough. Paintings with photographies or illustrations are excellent options to break the coldness of sober colours. With its clean lines, the dazzling lamp features a glossy black and gold plated finish is perfect to finalize your vintage industrial room.

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A True Partner Vintage and Industrial Style 2

If you don’t know how to start your vintage industrial decor, we recommend starting by the colours: black, white and grey are the characteristics hues of this style. These colours form the base of your house letting an elegant and modern decor. If you want to add other colours invest in blue, as an example, which helps to create a beautiful contrast. Once again, wall art has an important role and the different sizes of the frames and the mix of illustrations and quotes are really inspiring! The lamps are welcome and Lee is ideal for an industrial interior. The top cover features nickel plated and matte white finishes fit perfectly with this decor!

A True Partner Vintage and Industrial Style 2

The urban style in decor is full of references, we find a functional feature, contrast off colours and textures, photographies and in this case, a fish too! A curious thing is the home appliances which receive a spotlight! The natural light is an important element, but lamps are welcome! Sinatra is a modern chandelier and serves as a centrepiece in a wide range of decors!



A True Partner Vintage and Industrial Style 2

Sober shades can be applying in different ways such as wall paint, painting of walls, finishes, and furniture. If you are afraid to have a dark ambience, it’s just necessary to coordinate the use of dark tones. The living room usually is the space where we are the most time, for just relax or receive our family and friends. The big windows are a most and the natural light is what we need to a clear ambience, however, wood details do contrast with the sober colours and give e vintage touch. This style valorizes also the natural components, in other words, a suspension lamp is perfect because the yard isn’t a yard, but a décor element

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