Brass Elements Embelish The Turner Family!

The Turner family brings luxury to elements like brass, this collection embellishes this element and uplifts it in the most flattering manner. Featuring some of DelightFULL’s most iconic pieces, the Turner family is a fine addition to any luxurious home.

Due to its easy customization and versatility, this element is an incredible material for any luxurious lighting piece. You can easily customize your lighting piece, and you can personalize it with ease without sacrificing the end result.



In the Turner family, brass is an element that has a very strong presence, take a look at the Turner table lamp for instance. With ambitious and bold design lines, its arcs are made out of brass, which you can actually move and personalize them. A fine addition to any luxurious living room that you can add in order to uplift and give your living room a more luxurious touch.

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This living room demonstrates that strong brass element in the most flattering way. With a center table, cabinet, and of course, the Turner floor lamp, all of them featuring that brass element in their design. In this case, the brass element actually gives the pieces a more authentic and raw aspect to them.

The Turner pendant lamp is the right fit for almost any modern home. With a premium look and feel to it, this pendant lamp uplifts and redefines what brass means to luxurious design.



Turner family is inspired by the one and only Tina Turner. Representing luxury and the mid-century Los Angeles style that few can mimic. The perfect embodiment of the style of Tina Turner.

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