Could Neon Mint Be The Future of Design?

Always be one step ahead. Be the future in design, but the past in sensations. Mint green, that’s right! Refreshing without frost, different but not abnormal, altruistic and refined. It’s the colour of the future that everyone will use, but only a few have will have the courage to grasp.

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According to trend forecasts, this will be a huge hit in interior decor trends of 2020. The enigmatic energy of Neon Mint will envelop your interiors in an optimistic hug with a splash of style. Be bold and embody the Neon Mint of living in your walls. An adaptation of a lifestyle, the refreshing tone will be the bold move of the year.


With that in mind, the mysterious tones of this neon mint are going to get you back in the old days. With a futuristic feeling, this bright shade will remote us to the anxious times of getting to know what’s ahead of us – in space, in technology, in fashion. Reflecting the futuristic values like no other, 2020 will be the year of this minty colour.

The perfect blend between the misty patterns of nature and the human hand, this is seen as the hand of fashion with a twist. A fresh tone that came to sweep us off our feet, it’s the sci-fi and 70’s throwback we need to thank for when it comes to getting the neon mint colour into our homes.