Glossy Black Finish In Your Home Decor!

Today we take an in-depth dive into Amy Family moodboard with glossy black finish. Today we talk about the glossy black finish and its presence throughout your home decor! Stick with us and find more about this custom finish!

glossy black finish

A door with a glossy black finish has that luxurious and exuberant look to it that you just can’t get with conventional doors. With a strong and assertive vibe to it, this glossy black door is perfect for any mansion or house that is luxurious.



Kitchen featuring glossy black finish in its cabinets. The end result is a spacious and marvelous kitchen that blends with the Industrial elements that are part of the home decor.

This luxurious and exuberant shower features that same glossy black finish. In this case, the glossy black finish serves as the perfect mood setter for this bathroom.

What a glossy black finish on your wooden floor? A peculiar yet inviting finish that is sure to be beloved by a lot of people. When talking about glossy black finish, the thing about it is, that it can actually be applied to many different areas and furniture pieces, if paired correctly, the end result will always be a beautiful and luxurious finish.

Another example of the glossy black finish applied in a bathroom, however, this one is a more traditional and common bathroom. With tiles decorated with a glossy black finish and the beautiful contrast with gold-plated pieces, you just can’t dislike this.

Amy Lamp is a Mid-Century modern lamp that replicates the peculiar hair of one of the greatest R&B, jazz singers the world ever saw, Amy Winehouse.



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