Matte Black is the New Black

Clean soothing lines with some amazing finishes that complete the look are just some of what this shade of black has to offer. Complete the look of your design set with some clearer elements such as a golden lamp or just a soothing wood flooring.

Forget stainless steel if you’re looking to rebrand your home. This 2019 is all about becoming your inner self and discover the marvels of the matte black trend. A dark new classic that never goes out of style, the consumers have finally spoken and this is how you’re going to revamp your modern home decor with simple decorative touches.

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Monochromatic interiors are a thing and you need to get used to it. Consider matte black hardware as a kitchen compliment, look behind all the glossy and shiny things that surround you and you’re set to be a trendsetter. A staple in any space, matte black is ready for you to incorporate it in any design setting – chances are you have that favourite black lighting fixture that you want to buy so badly but never had the courage to if so, this is your time.

With plenty of ways to get into the spirit of this new matte black trend, chances are you never saw it coming into your modern home decor. While classic, this revamp of one of the finest colours is a plus, and we have just the right decor tips. If you clearly want to make a scene and stop your guests once they step into your kitchen, a matte black fridge is the one you should follow with – an instant showstopper.


Staying cool never looked so good. Affordable shop items are waiting for you around the corner and there’s no doubt you have plenty to choose from. Along with copper matte finishes, the winning style along with this shade of black is the Scandinavian style.