Matte Black Finish Touches Everything In Sight!

Our first article regarding this brand new moodboard, today we give you a matte black finish moodboard presented by DelightFULL. Step inside our matte black finish moodboard and feel inspired by this particular custom finish.


The black matte finish is such a worldwide phenomenon, it can be seen on almost any product, and the end result will always be something so eye-pleasing and beautiful that you will just fall head over heels for it. Check out this watch for example, with a stunning and beautiful black matte finish, you just can’t go wrong with this type of finish.

Black matte finish is currently the most popular custom finish in the world. If just can’t ignore the fact that black matte finish is present on almost every item available. A premium finish that just might be better than gold-plated, brushed or polished.

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Moving to a more personal area, your home. Check out this kitchen, with black matte finish spread out all over this kitchen, you can easily see the presence of this particular finish. The matte black finish is the type of finish that goes handsomely with any modern or contemporary home decor. Look at this island, with a matte black finish around it, and a marble top to finish it off

Check out this other kitchen, featuring a more single tone scheme. This particular kitchen features an all-black-everything look to it that just feels so appealing. You can actually see some wooden elements thrown in to give it a more casual and laid back feel. With matte black finish embellishing the overall decor of this contemporary kitchen, you can trace this design aspect to other styles.

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