Matte Gold Finish Is Here To Add A More Premium Look!

matte gold finish

Get ready for another moodboard article, we are still with this beautiful moodboard. We already talked about the matte black finish, a beautiful custom finish that could go along with almost anything. However, today we are going to talk about the matte gold finish. A more niche custom finish, but still exudes luxury and adds a premium look and feel on to almost any product.

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We start off with this beautiful classic, mid-century bathroom. The matte gold finish is present on almost anything that is present. From the cabinet next to the mirror, which also features a matte gold finish, right till the bathtub itself. Essentially creating a luxurious and coveted look and feel that is just eye-pleasing to anyone.


matte gold finish

Take a look this kitchen, in particular, this kitchen island, featuring that classic matte gold finish that we are so invested in. Truth be told, matte gold finish is a luxurious and premium finish, however, it can be used in more convenient scenarios. For instance, this contemporary and modern kitchen has a more laid back and symmetric design, which is different than the bathroom that we showed you.

Taking a look at the dining room section, you can clearly tell by the way that this dining room is set out, that there’s a luxurious and coveted vibe to it, that is often times associated with more traditional and glam styles. Which are direct counterparts to the more modern and contemporary styles that are dominating the current interior design trends. This table embodied in a matte gold finish is the best representation of that classic style.