Memphis Decor Style: All You Need to Know

Memphis decor style is an old-style which today is a new trendy. Inspired in Art Deco and Pop Art it results in ephemeral design, vibrant colours, colourful decor and it is present geometric shapes and prints. Curious to know more about it?


Memphis Decor Style_ All You Need to Know

Memphis is an inspirational style with bright colours and lots of shapes and lines. This decor results perfectly with simple elements: two wall art elements with different sizes and images, a colourful armchair and why not put a floor lamp behind the armchair instead of the side?!

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The use of strong colors and unique shapes are irreverent characteristics that are entering the decoration. Creating a chic decor inspired by the Memphis style is possible as you can see. With a contrasting floor, a piece of furniture with strong color and a colored painting is enough, however, you can apply a piece with a gold-plated finish as a suspension lamp to explode luxury.

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Geometric shapes are the primary art element and few actual photos are used. One more time, the different sizes works. Pastel colors are comfortable at the human eye and the balance of them create comfortable ambiances. As you can see, prints are always present in different ways as well as a furniture piece with showy color.

Memphis Decor Style_ All You Need to Know (2)

The colors used in Memphis design are supposed to be cheery and happy, and as geometric shapes need to present, an alternative choice is culminate different colors in your wall and mix the floor. Mid-century pieces are ideal to create a modern classy space in your room.

SuspensionLamp, Red, Diana, Product

Memphis Decor Style_ All You Need to Know (2)

Armstrong floor proves with its minimalistic style to be the perfect piece as a floor light design, which can be customized, in black or white. If you are thinking that Memphis is a style which results in too much color and shapes, you don’t need to follow every rule! An atmosphere with natural light gives a feeling of open space and add color only in your furniture with soft textures it’s a good step.