Misty Blue: Enter This Blue Sea of Comforting Hues

If you are looking for fresh and sophisticated interior design, you need to give a chance to Misty Blue, a timeless and elegant colour. We choose the best inspirations for you to leave your comfort zone and let blue invade your house! Invest in new decor and it provides a relaxing effect and stimulates tranquillity and creativity.

Misty Blue Enter This Blue Sea of Comforting Hues 1

Can you image getting home and have a surprise to find this beautiful entryway?! You just need to add a self-touch and fit the classic with the modern details.  Invest in new decor lights and you will discover the potential of Amy table lamp with a gold-plated finish and a glossy black coat.



Misty Blue Enter This Blue Sea of Comforting Hues 2

Do you think that your house doesn’t have potential? Sorry, but you are wrong! We don’t need to have a big space or many pieces of furniture, a clean and minimalist decoration is the key. A nature touch, a colourful detail and a floor lamp such as Botti lamp will make a statement in your sophisticated mid-century modern living room design.

Misty Blue Enter This Blue Sea of Comforting Hues 2

A colourful house is a happy place, right?! Misty blue works wonderfully with a Spring or a Summer atmosphere. Let it invade your walls, invest in colourful furniture and add an iconic mid-century modern chandelier, perfect for a contemporary living room or dining area.

Misty Blue Enter This Blue Sea of Comforting Hues 2

Misty blue with a twist of golden make the perfect matches! Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Creating a soothing and calming effect, you can just feel it as soon as you put your eyes in this interior design project.



Misty Blue Enter This Blue Sea of Comforting Hues 5

A luxury interior aligns with strong colours and powerful pieces with high-quality finishes. Misty blue is a great colour to create a delicate atmosphere, pair it with a twist of golden details and you have the perfect match! A refined and sophisticated living room area is completed with a simple lighting design that creates a stunning visual effect.