Neon Mint : The Natural Hue You’ll Want In 2019

The powerful tones of neon mint are something to be wondered by. A nostalgic tone, one of the colours of the year, it’s claiming to be one of the most exquisite tones of the colour range of 2019, from fashion to interior design, neon mint is here to stay.


Using green in any home decor might be a tough decision. When it comes to getting it in the right tone you should also be in tune with your design style. This means that green is one of the best colour decision when it comes to the mid-century modern meets contemporary twist. Light, airy spaces come into play if you have dark toned walls, or if you just want to get that pop out colour into a room.


Contemporary often calls for the soft tones and minimal things in a room. Green has plenty of uses and one them is in furniture. Soft round shapes that are just so pleasing to the eye just as in real life. With soft velvety cushions, these mid-century pieces of furniture go just as well with some golden tone throwing into it.

Any praised living room design calls out for the lovers of bold design and bold design choices. With a killer wallpaper pattern and some leather decor elements thrown into it, this is a winner living room, no contest needed. Always with a special touch of green to give it life, this mid-century with a contemporary twist living room is all you were asking for.


If after some time you feel like your lounge area has been a bit bothering for a while, this might be the best place to put some life into it. Shades of green and orange always were some of the best colour combinations and that wasn’t left unnoticed. Throw some golden lighting fixtures with some classy marble table and you’ll have it all.