Neon Mint Hues & How They Fit Into Design

Let’s be honest for a second: neon mint hues have captured our eyes in one than more occasions. Be its sentimental charm, the enigmatic ways of this amazing colour, neon mint is going to be the strongest of the hues in the season of 2019/2020. From fashion to design, this special article is for everyone.

The future is neon mint. The futuristic tone that carries with it all the 80’s movie references is just the right shade of right for your next season. A gender-neutral colour that is just as appealing as innovative, this greenish tone has all the right kinds of right for your interiors this season.

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Dominating the scene of design, this minty colour will be scene everywhere. From fashionable skirts that are one of the hot trends in fashion, to colourfully pleasing t-shirts, neon mint is once gaining followers like no other. The best ways to get all the positivity and good things all in one.

Neo Mint is an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature. A glowing shade that easily represents good health, happiness and alarm, Neon Mint strikes the balance between the desire of wellness, freshness and an air of fresh breath into life.Neon Mint Hues & How They Fit Into Design

Colourful in its own way this space colour is a perfect fit for the design lovers. A unique way of getting all the charm and enigma of a lifetime,  wallpaper seems to be a good fit when it comes to living room wallpaper choices!

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Expect it to be popping up across all lines as fashion as it becomes more unified. Unfamiliar and refreshing, this pastel tone could be the colour that unifies tech and nature together. The next colourway on the future’s sneakers, garments and maybe, even their flying Ubers.