Red The Interior Design Trend You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

Talking about an interior design trend is somewhat hard. This time around, as we’re speaking of a bold move in terms of design, the red power move is all about substance, brightness and fun. Seen in makeup, fashion and design, red is lasting, a power move like no other.

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Breathing life into places, red is alluring and potent. Rich and exotic, be it rich deep burgundy red or just a splash in your walls, the mood is spot on! Mix patterns and different shades and the right mood will be completed.

Keeping a room fresh and stylish is different. If the purpose is to not overcrowd the room, then this is the hue to go for. Adding a twist to the room, bright red decor calls for that end of the year cleansing and to add a mood for that bland room.

Causing an impact on every aspect, this powerful tone is just as mesmerizing as it sounds. A power move against the grey hues of the last year colour design trends, bright red hues are the ones that call to revolution, pleasure and fun.



A great choice when it comes to adding a colourful accent to any modern home decor. Red goes exceptionally well with neutral interiors giving them life. Create a focal point with this incredible shade along with some dark reclaimed wood and crisp white walls.

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