Amy Family Sparks An Interest In The Mid-Century Style!

amy family

mid-century brand that caught our attention was DelightFULL, a renowned mid-century lighting brandDelightFULL focuses on recreating the mid-century vibe and blending it with different styles to satisfy different and peculiar tastes. And Amy family is the perfect statement.



The mid-century style has that reminiscent vibe to it, to be fair, it’s a style that has a very broad range of specific and unique styles. For instance, the mid-century contemporary style is completely different from a classic mid-century style. The possible outcomes for a mid-century style decor can vary, however, one thing is certain, you can expect something unique and eye-pleasing.

DelightFULL being a lighting design company focused on the revival of the mid-century era is a prime example of how the mid-century style is alive and better than ever. Inspired by some of the greatest musicians of that era, each DelightFULL lighting piece is a perfect homage to its inspiration. Take the Amy Family, for instance, a perfect tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Inspired by one of modern jazz’s most notorious singers and songwriters, Amy Winehouse, these unique lamps embody the soul of the British legend.

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With bodies handmade in brass and with aluminum shades, which can be easily customized, these mid-century modern lamps capture the essence of lighting pieces that were made in the 50s. Featuring flexible shades, that gives you the option to create your own lighting effect.

Amy Lamp is a Mid-Century modern lamp that replicates the peculiar hair of one of the greatest R&B, jazz singers the world ever saw, Amy Winehouse.