Modern Retro Style With Mid-Century Lighting Pieces!

modern retro style dining room moodboard is here. Featuring a couple of DelightFULL lighting pieces, this moodboard features that colorful and retro look that is missing in today’s modern decor trends.

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Stanley retro mid-century style suspension lamp is the perfect modern retro style lighting piece for your home. Featuring three unique lamp shades, Stanley is the perfect modern retro style suspension lamp for your modern home decor.

Sinatra floor lamp is the embodiment of the modern retro style in a floor lighting piece. Very similar to the suspension lamp, this floor lighting piece features three aluminum shades with customizable finishes. Perfect for that modern retro style decor.

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Diana table lamp has that modern retro style look to it, mixed with Industrial influences. The end result is a lighting piece that carries a modern retro style look that can be paired with any modern living room decor, or even, bedroom.

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What Hendrix wall lamp brings forth is a more luxurious touch to the conventional modern retro style. It features a unique design and has a distinctive and avant-garde look that is just perfect to spice up your modern retro style decor.