Dirty Chic : An Unique Interior Design Style

dirty chic

Dirty can be chic. Surprised? It actually can.You know when? Well… Just when past meets present and the imperfection becomes chic!

Decadence and intentioned perfect look are now actual designs provoking a disturbing sense of eloquence.

To achieve this style, it is necessary to provide some peculiar items: cracks in the walls, walls where you can see different layers of paint that were added over the years, exposed bricks, walls where the plaster and paint has ripped off, wear away textures and splintered wood furniture.

It feels like  the ‘dirty chic’ style brings back the dark aspect of Romanticism in the nineteenth century and turns its legacy into a unique style.

interior design

This welcoming ambiance is highlighted by this unique chandelier

chic interiors

A cozy antique attic 

baroque style

A dirty baroque style

retro style

Among the heavy decoration, it arises an elegant dining room

vintage room

Wildness and dirtiness: a delicious combination

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