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21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

These are the 21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram!

In its early days, Instagram used to be all about filtered pictures of your lunch and your pets, but since then it has grown into an immeasurably useful creative tool.

Article originally posted on the 31st of March, 2015

From handcrafted typographers, illustrators and painters, right through to animators and 3D designers, there is an Instagram page for just about every creative niche and to prove this, we’ve decided to compile a list of some inspiring designers and avid ‘grammers that we think will bring some style and creativity to your daily feed.

01. Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio

Mike Perry’s Instagram feed is an explosion of colour, handcrafted type and psychedelic animation. You might recognise some of his work from the title card of Comedy Central’s sitcom Broad City, a vibrant piece of animated typography with plenty of character.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

02. Timothy Godman – @timothygoodman

Based in New York, Timothy Goodman is a man of many talents, some of which are showed off in his well-curated Instagram feed. Having recently released a book with fellow designer Jessica Walsh, a recent collaboration with Target and endless other projects on the go, Goodman’s feed is definitely a hub of inspiration!

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

03. Mister Doodle – @misterdoodle

Mister Doodle is a designer who specialises in handcrafted typography. The pairing of beautiful scenic photos, thought-provokingly sincere quotes and carefully crafted hand-type makes for an Instagram that just about everyone can find something of value in.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

4. Jon Contino – @joncontino

A jack of many trades, Jon Contino is self-dubbed as a ‘Alphastructaesthetitologist’, a term he has created to explain his various workings as an artist, illustrator, apparel designer, and branding consultant. In short, Jon Contino does it all and he does it well. Check out his instagram for frequent creative inspiration across all creative fields.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

05. Neil Secretario –@neilsecretario

Neil Secretario is a talented typographer from California that produces elegant and sophisticated type. His Instagram is packed to the brim with inspiring typography, right from the initial sketching stage, through to the digital development and final product. If you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes typographical wisdom, look no further than Neil’s page!

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

06. Andreas M Hansen – @andreasmhansen

Andreas M Hansen is a designer and typographer that specialises in sleek, sharp type. His Instagram page is the definition of sophisticated design, with bold blacks and clean whites in all his photos, the near-monochromatic scheme of his work and photos makes for an inspiring page to have on your feed.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

07. Steven Harrington – @s_harrington

Specialising in bold, sharp lines and strong pops of colour, Steven Harrington is an illustrative designer with a distinctive and effective style. With a feed full of bold and dynamic designs and the occasional progress picture, this is one Instagram to keep your eye on.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

08. Luke Choice – @velvetspectrum

Operating under the moniker ‘Velvet Spectrum’, Luke Choice is an Australian-bred and New York-residing graphic designer with a “unique, playful aesthetic, that covers multiple facets of design, illustration and typography.” His vibrant Instagram feed showcases his latest and greatest works, from independent projects to collaborations with larger brands such as Nike. One stop shop for all things colourful and quirky.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

09. Sean McCabe – @seanwes

Sean McCabe’s Instagram profile is one half inspiring design work with a focus on typography, and the other half is inspiring advice about making it in the creative industry. So, for more eloquent advice and well-crafted designs on your Instagram feed, be sure to check out Sean McCabe’s page.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

10. Ornamental Conifer – @ornamentalconifer

Ornamental Conifer is the alias of designer Nicolai Sclater, who specialises in surface typography and design that packs a punch. With such a distinct style of bright pops of colour, strong use of lines and shapes, this Instagram page is a treasure trove for all types of creative inspiration.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

11. Dschwen LLC. – @dschwen

Headed by David Schwen, Dschwen LLC. is a collaborative studio of designers that churn out beautiful, colourful and engaging works, some of which are collected on their Instagram page. If you’re looking to see a few spruces of colour, some fun projects and mesmerising animations on your Instagram feed, look no further than right here.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

12. Rylsee – @rylsee

Cyril Vouilloz (known in the creative sphere as ‘Rylsee’) specialises in hand drawn typography with a bit of a difference. By working with experimental perspective and dimension, Rylsee’s work, as is showcased on his Instagram, is original, unique and engaging.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

13. Prose Appropos – @steveespopowers

Specialising in sharp shapes and punchy typography, Stephen Powers’ Instagram feed is an endless supply of inspiring design work. Powers’ work includes hand painting murals, an artform that requires a lot of patience and effort, but produces fantastically effective results.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

Self-proclaimed ‘typoholic’, David Milan has a special talent for transforming words from a cluster of letters into something that leaps off the page. With careful construction of his hand-type and minimal illustrative elements, Milan manages to put his own unique spin on hand-crafted typography that is sure to inspire you to break out the pens yourself.

14. David Milan – @mdemilan

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

15. Erik Marinovich – @erikmarinovich

With high profile clients such as Nike, Google, Target and Facebook, on top of co-founding Friends of Type and Title Case, it’s amazing Erik Marinovich has any spare time for social media at all. But fortunately, he does, and has managed to collect together a few snapshots of his awesome typographical and design work on Instagram, including his current project “Hip Hop Hullabaloo”.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

16. Rob Draper – @robdraper1

Rob Draper is a designer, illustrator and letterer with an eye for detail. His typographical creations have incredibly fine detail and intriguing depth. On top of the crazy detail of his designs, his creativity with what counts as a canvas (from coffee cups for hot dogs!) makes for an Instagram page that is just as unexpected as it is inspiring.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

17. Becca Clason – @beccaclason

While some people get creative with where they put their type, others get creative with what they create their type with! Meet Becca Clason and have a look at her clever and diverse use of materials to create her type. From thumb tacks to carrot bits, anything is a creative tool if you’re talented enough.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

18. Gemma O’Brien – @mrseaves101

Gemma O’Brien is the creative mind behind “The Spew Bag Challenge” that encourages travelling artists and designers to make use of the paper sick bags found on flights by turning them into pun-based typographical works. Check out some of her typographical spew bags as well as her other equally as dynamic and clever works on her Instagram page.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

19. Joshua Noom – @joshuanoom

Designer and illustrator, Joshua Noom manages to perfectly blend the two disciplines to create simple but effective works. Check out his Instagram page to see the wonderful marriage Noom creates between bold illustration and organic hand-crafted typography.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

20. Nicholas Moegly – @nicholasmoegly

With a distinct air of class and sophistication to his work, Nicholas Moegly is one to follow if the beautiful type is where your passions lie. Nicholas Moegly uses simple but effective layouts and well-crafted typographical pieces to produce an entire portfolio of work that is definitely worth a follow.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram

21. Lauren Hom – @homsweethom

Author of blog-turned-book Daily Dishonesty and specialising in colourful and quirky typographical treatments, Lauren Hom is definitely one designer to follow if you have a softspot for nice letterforms, motivating messages and cheesy puns.

21 Graphic Designers to Follow on Instagram


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