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Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now (1)

Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now

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There’s No Excuse To Be Missing Out on These Summer Home Decor Ideas Now.

Late, lazy Spring and Summer cleaning is in on order. From getting your cushions out and get them a new life, to changing your wall paint, everything seems to be easy breezy once Spring and Summer come along. A serene presence after a long winter, the seasons of passion, life and warm walks on the beach are getting it on and we’re here to help you get inspired and change, even the smaller aspects of your spring and summer home decor.

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Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now 3
Wave Patterns by Tommy Kwak, from $21
Image credit: Minted

Beach days are calling for us. We’re sure you felt in the air, in the window shops, on your TV binge watch. While social norms, jobs and the like take a copious amount of our time to just sit and relax, there’s always time to fantasize. And there’s nothing better than to fantasise about other than a day well-spent on the beach. There’s something so marvellously soothing about blue waters stretching toward the horizon. While you can’t get your own private beach there’s always something to be looking out for – trendy art prints, which visualize water in new ways, be it realist or not, hang it over your walls and begin each morning with a glance at the sea.

Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now

And if you can’t or just don’t have the time to go on Summer vacation, book summer reading challenge has got your back – and spoiler alert: we have the 3 top picks for your Summer reading. From left to right: Neil Gaiman & American Gods, Gillian Flynn & Gone Girl and Nicholas Sparks & The Last Song.

Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now 1
(Image credit: Debi Treloar, courtesy of Anthropologie)

It’s not Summer if you don’t have your first al fresco dinner after a long day. Gather your best friends, your family, or your significant other and have the best of dinners around in a killer sunset. With a candlelight dinner in a boho outdoor decor, you’ll have the time of your life.

Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now 1

When it comes to decor, Summer decor trends ask for simple, reusable decor items. This calls for a super comfy rattan chair along. Personalize it we just leave it like it is, the best DYI Summer project is around the corner. If you’re learning to embroider this is the time to start customizing your pieces and get your own unique piece.

Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now
Simone Ceiling
Floor Category

Summer Home Decor Ideas To Shop Now 1

S stands for Summer, for sunshine. This means that, while we’re waiting for the Summer heat to come, you can always get it under your wing with a marquee letter design. With customizable options, grab the chance to have it outdoors or indoor and make your Summer home decor 2019 shine bright like no other.

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You can visit our Pinterest boards in order to get more inspirations. Get more ideas for your projects and find functional, stylish and sizable lighting and furniture choices. Make sure to download our ‘Interior Design Tips for a Well-Lit Home‘ eBook!

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