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All About Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019!

All About Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019!

All the highlights about the Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019 are here and we couldn’t be happier. The second edition of the design event ended last week and it was filled with some of the most inspirational talks that we’ve heard in quite a while. From the importance of design aligned with craftsmanship in a nowadays world to what a brand is and what are the steps to become so much greater, this edition of Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit was filled with surprises.

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All About Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019! 1

With live showcases of some of the finest arts in the Portuguese craftsmanship world, this 2019 Summit had some of the finest master artisans showcasing their arts. With techniques such as Ceramics, Porcelain Painting, Silver Chiseling, Chiseling, Filigree, Metal Working, Jewelry, Woodworking, Bobbin Lace,  Embedding, Wadding, Weaving, Shoemaking and finally Embroidery from Madeira and Torno.

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All About Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019! 1

To sum up some of the most influential talks during this Summit, Nicole Segundo, a representative of the Michelangelo Foudantion, claims,

“We want to keep the Traditions Alive so Future Generations can Enjoy them. Michelangelo supports the connection between Design and Craftsmanship so that we can promote the growth of Creativity and Craftsmanship worldwide”

All About Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019! 1

During the second day of the luxury design summit, one of the masterclasses that captured our eyes was definitely Carlos Coelho. An amazing masterclass on what design and craftsmanship should be and how it should be elevated in Portugal, Carlos Coelho had the audience raptured in what he was saying.

All About Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019! 6

“The second panel of the first day had the intervention of João Barros (CEO and Creative Director at PullCast), Rui Pinto (Master Jewellery Artisan at PullCast), Conceição Amaral, the current CEO of FRESS (Fundação Espírito Santo), Joaquim Paulo from Creative Hub and Vitor Querido, an Artisan of the Culture Project. Among the main topics discussed was the importance of preservation and promotion of the classical craftsmanship behind the conception of the jewellery pieces. However, an urgent topic mentioned was the fact that these Crafts and the Design behind them also need and Endgame, or more specifically a buyer or even an investor.”, Covet Group.


All About Luxury Design & Craftmanship Summit 2019! 6

The final panel of the Covet Summit, “Designing & Crafting: Criteria to Excellence”, presented us again to a group of speakers with distinct and several backgrounds. The group was composed of Raquel Costa (Swarovski), Nini Andrade da Silva (Designer), Emmanuel Babled (Designer), Khaoula Ouerfelli and Duarte Eira (Chef at Salpoente Restaurant) Each speaker showed several examples of their art in design or the art of business that they are involved with along with some interesting perspectives regarding the development of design in the modern age, especially regarding a “distinctive factor” that every designer needs in order to win in the nowadays wave of design.

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