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Design Giants_ Best Interior Designers In Shanghai (5)

Design Giants: Best Interior Designers In Shanghai

You asked and we bring it to you – best interior designers in Shanghai. A one of a kind place filled with a unique atmosphere, Shanghai always seems to have something under its sleeve. A one of a kind type of aesthetic, Shanghai’s interior design is something to be wondered by. With an eclectic aura to it, this curated list of interior designers in Shanghai will blow you away – in the good type.

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Design Giants_ Best Interior Designers In Shanghai (5)

One of the most refined enterprises in the world of design, Neri&Hu have the kind of touch that feels timeless in everything they touch. With several astonishing works in the field of design, this Shangai design company remarks itself by Shanghai theatre from the 30s, creating a hotel at the former headquarters of the Japanese army.

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Design Giants_ Best Interior Designers In Shanghai (5)

What you can expect from DXMID: high-quality interiors in the latest fashion, always curated to each and every client. A fixture in the hospitality world, this international design company has several design projects under its swing, each one more remarkable than the last one.

Chen Min

Design Giants_ Best Interior Designers In Shanghai (5)

A worldwide recognized brand, Chen Min has been in several worldwide magazines when it comes to interiors such as Marie Claire, AD China, Brutus Casa, Icon and Elle Decor. With a focused mission, the design office is all about blending the traditional with the modern era of design.

Atelier I-N-D-J

Design Giants_ Best Interior Designers In Shanghai (5)

Since 2013, the Atelier I-N-D-J has been tackling issues when it comes to architecture, space, products and furniture design. A tackler of issues, the atelier of design likes to experiment with technology and to create magnific things from there. With less than 10 years of experience, they’ve managed to earn many relevant awards, one of them being a part of A.D.’s Top 100 Most Influential Architects and Designers 2017.

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Design Giants_ Best Interior Designers In Shanghai (5)

“B+H is another design giant that chose Shanghai as one of the places to establish an office as well as take on several interior design projects. This is another example of a design firm deeply involved with the global market, aiming to design bold and inspiring spaces for clients of several locations. B+ H has a wide range of activities for establishments such as workplaces, healthcare, hospitality, residential, retail, among many more. The team always tries to approach a new challenge with careful insight and awareness of the needs and wants of each customer, believing firmly in the power of design as a potential strength to transform economies, communities, and of course, spaces.”, BRABBU Blog.

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