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Burning Man 2019 The Art Installations To Give Two Glances At

Burning Man 2019 The Art Installations To Give Two Glances At

Burning Man 2019 is coming and we couldn’t be more excited. Getting outrageous by the year, the festival that combines, art, music and fashion has conceived the one of a kind lifestyle that you’ll want to be a part of. Each year comes with new and reusable ways of getting in tune with nature through standing points you can’t miss, Burning Man festival 2019 is coming and so the amazing art installations with it. Get along with us to find what is going to be most memorable – and instragrammable – moments of Burning Man.

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“I LOVE YOU”, by WhIsBe, from Brooklyn, NY, year: 2019

30 years and counting, each year at the end of August to the early days of September, crowds gather in the windy desert of Nevada to create Black Rock City. Of course, you already know what we’re talking about – the annual event of Burning Man. Living and creating a space, this one in a lifetime experience comes with several steps you need to take into account – a communal living experience that has lived through fantastic events, and incredible art installations throughout the event.

BORiNG sign by Camp BORiNG from: Mill Valley, CA, year: 2019

Turner Family

#TILT by Tomas Neumann, from Santa Ana, CA Year: 2019

Each year is filled with a theme, and 2019 asked for a radical way of expression. Inspired by the Mad Max sensation, Black Rock City will host one of the most powerful and intriguing cultural events of the year. This year artists were inspired to create around the theme of Metamorphosis.

CONTAINERISATION by Clayton Blake, from Australia, Year: 2019

With a powerful stance, the Australian artist wants to create a deeper thought process into what containment is all about. A powerful comment on how USA politics handle the refugee crisis, CONTAINERISATION is meant to get people gathering thoughts and creating a better world.

The Flybrary by Christina Sporrong. from: Taos, NM, Year: 2019

“It’s a dreamy, transformative space providing an intimate and surreal refuge for contemplation, written wisdom and freedom of thought. “, Burning Man. A refugee to peoples thoughts, this dreamlike art installation carries with it the wonder of getting open into what the world has to really offer you.

The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance by: Tyson Ayers and Resonant Arts, from: Oakland, CA, Year: 2019

“The Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance is a sanctuary dedicated to letting participants experience the phenomena of sympathetic resonance. All the walls of this epic structure are made of piano harps, surrounding the participant with 20,000 musical strings that echo back every sound they make. All the strings are tuned to pentatonic scales based on the Schumann Resonance, the earth’s fundamental frequency so that anything played on the strings sounds musical. Five intimate, pentagonal chambers let participants deeply immerse themselves in the experience, while the open-air centre space allows for larger gatherings. A 39′ tower rises up from the centre’s intricately designed dias while detailed artworks adorn the space. “, Burning Man

The Dollhouse by House of Strange Ritualsfrom: Eugene, OR, Year: 2019

Encapsulating the turn of the century Victorian style, this real-life model size dollhouse has the ability to turn your heart rate into a rabbit chase. The participants are encouraged to find haunted elements by interacting with objects. Each room has a unique interactive sound installation with the concept of a seance gone wrong. “The Dollhouse transports participants to an ethereal world on playa, captivating and enticing all to play and discover more secrets within.”, Burning Man.

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Chapel Perilous by Rob Leifheit & the Enchanted Booty Forest, from: Los Angeles, CA, Year: 2019

One of the most fascinating art installations of Burning Man, “Chapel Perilous enraptures only two walls of the ruins standing, sunken heavily into the ground over time. From the Black Rock City, the chapel appears dark and mysterious, but from inside, four stained glass windows and a large rosette illuminate the piece. Custom light patterns and ambient sounds engage visitors to learn more about the eight circuits of consciousness and the trappings of Chapel Perilous — a state one enters when facing the truth that disagrees with their notion of reality. Once you enter, will you ever leave Chapel Perilous?”


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