Mid-Century Lighting Pieces Lighten Up 100% Design

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100% Design is right under our noses and we’re here to get you a sneak peek into what you might be expecting to find on this edition of 100% Design 2019. From iconic mid-century lighting pieces to the latest novelties, this years edition of the UK trade show is looking stunning!

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Mid-Century Lighting Pieces Lighten Up 100% Design 1
Diana Table

Starting with some good old iconic piece of the mid-century lighting brand, Diana table will be one of the mid-century table lamps that will capture your eye this year. A perfect lighting piece to adorn your home office or your kid’s bedroom decor!

DL New Product

Mid-Century Lighting Pieces Lighten Up 100% Design 3
Galliano Wall

Next stop on this train, we find Galliano wall sconce. With a soft lighting cast, this mid-century wall sconce is just as elegant and modern as it looks! Perfect for a living room decor or a dining room space, find it along with DeligthFULL’s novelties on this years edition of 100% Design.

Mid-Century Lighting Pieces Lighten Up 100% Design 5
Donna Table

Pairing perfeclty with any colour, Donna table lamp has the majestic and elegant feel to it. With a marble base, this mid-century table lamp requires a charming and luxurious room to be the curated design piece it deserves to be.

Mid-Century Lighting Pieces Lighten Up 100% Design 4
Amy Table

A brand classic, Amy vintage table lamp is the perfect addition to any space. With a singular design, this curated design piece is suitable for any type of home decor. With stunning features, you can’t help but want it for yourself this 100%Design.

Mid-Century Lighting Pieces Lighten Up 100% Design 2
Neil Wall

A brand novelty, Neil wall sconce has a singular and unique design that captures the essence of the mid-century modern style. Simple, clean and elegant, this modern wall fixture will be one of the scene-stealers in 100% Design 2019.

Table Category

A DelightFULL Novelty Mid-Century Table Lamp You'll Love 4
Carter Table

A brand novelty being presented at this year 100% Design, Carter table is the perfect piece to any home decor. Find it on Stand C3A.

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