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Mid-Century Style Inspo Festivities Are Here!

Mid-Century Style Inspo Festivities Are Here!

It’s festivity time and we’re here to help you out with that. This time with a bit of the mid-century style thrown into it! With an amazing colour palette, the festivity season is coming and you need to get your hands ready for the upcoming holiday season! Grab your pen and paper and make sure you make all the things you’re going to be spending your money on in writing!

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Mid-Century Style Inspo Festivities Are Here!

White and greens have been a staged colour for so long that the season can’t be over without having a bit of both. The season to be jolly is all about making sure you have the best of both worlds when it comes to decor: and it’s about ambience. Grab the opportunity to have the best of the season and have this mid-century living room wall sconce like no other!

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Mid-Century Style Inspo Festivities Are Here!

If you’re not a fan of the old white and green there’s always the option of white and golden. This time in the form of mid-century furniture by Essential Home. As always, red, white and green make the perfect mixture of nostalgia in the room. To create an even cosier room, Atomic mid-century modern style table lamp is always a good option!

Mid-Century Style Inspo Festivities Are Here!

Pink can be a blessing and a wrong turn. This festivity season, pink seems to be the crown jewel in decor. With a vintage vibe to it, this mid-century style room has all the right decor elements in place, the best part of it is the lighting. An Amy Winehouse inspired piece, Amy floor is a one of a kind design.

Mid-Century Style Inspo Festivities Are Here!

A simple decor is always a must – this mid-century living room design is proof of that. With a completing colour palette, the black, golden and white combination seems so to be the perfect fit for the ones who want a simpler and more modern look.

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Mid-Century Style Inspo Festivities Are Here!

Backsplashes are always amazing. Even better if they fit like a glove and contrast like no other with the other decor elements of the season! This festivity time is all about adorning your home like any other and to create the cosiest of the decors! Grab the opportunity to have the best ambience lighting with Janis table lamp!

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