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#StayAtHome - 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

#StayAtHome – 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

Sometimes our home decoration tends to give us the most sense of disorder. As much as we fix it, it seems that our mid-century house is never in order. Due to the recent facts and because we’d love to help you, we brought you a series of ideas so you can spend your time making the most of your mid-century house. Are you ready?

#StayAtHome - 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

We review different home spaces so that you can start your organization one by one. Follow each step one by one, get inspired by the mid-century house looks and take the time of your quarantine to dedicate yourself to each of the house divisions. Once one is ready, you can move on to the next step.

Hallway: Organize Your Entrance Way

If your mid-century house has a hole in the hall due to lack of decoration, place a cabinet or console table with drawers. Don’t accumulate things on the top, keep it simple, cleaned and minimalistic. You can place your car or house keys on a tray and check them weekly. Or just hang up an organizer to keep everything sanitized and close at hand.

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#StayAtHome - 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

Living Room: Keep Everything In Its Place

The first thing you should do in your mid-century living room is to get rid of the unnecessary things that you no longer use. Keep your coffee table clear, it gives a sense of order in your living room. You can use pretty containers or baskets to put all your electric devices accessories: controls, magazines, newspapers, phone chargers and other cables. All the books you are not reading yet, keep those on a shelf and the one you are reading handy. This amazing tip will make all the difference in your mid-century house organization.

#StayAtHome - 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

Kitchen: Have Everything At Hand

Optimize your mid-century house with this kitchen tip by organizing the interior of the drawers. This will help you to optimize the space and facilitate the cleaning of the drawers. Take advantage of both height and depth. Add separators to locate everything at a glance: jars, cutting boards, and other kitchen utensils. If you have a tiny kitchen, take advantage of the walls and pace useful hanging bars with magnetic supports, for example.

#StayAtHome - 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

Bedroom: Organize Your Accessories

Is there anything more satisfying to do in this quarantine? We think not. Organize your mid-century bedroom by steps and the best way to start is to clean specific areas first. Divide by categories, it will be easier if you plot that strategy. Removable drawers can be a good idea because they are very practical and easy to organize. Surround yourself with boxers and separators and organize socks and clothing by sizes, colour, and category of clothing.

#StayAtHome - 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

Bathroom: Keep This Relaxing Space In Place

The organization of this home division is one of the most complicated compared to the other divisions. Even more complicated when we are at ou mid-century house every single day. In the bathroom, we tend to accumulate a countless number of things that give a strong feeling of disorder. All bath products, towels and other utensils that we frequently use. You can get shelves or small baskets to avoid that problem and have everything under control.

#StayAtHome - 5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Mid-Century House In Order

Take all these incredible #stayathome mid-century house tips, keep your space organized and mind-entertained. Enlighten your space with our bespoke lighting choices and stay safe!

Did you like our #stayathome tips to keep your mid-century house in place? We hope you did! Let us know your house changes, we’d love to hear from you!


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