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Matteo Nunziati

It’s Time For You To Know About Italian Designer Matteo Nunziati

Italian Designer Matteo Nunziati is just one good example of Italian Design. Born in Bologna in 1972 the Italian Interior designer is currently regarded as one of the most influential designers and architects with Italian origins that the world of architecture and design have ever seen. Today we’re here to introduce you to the amazing work of the man responsible for no less than the Trump Towers in an exclusive peek into the world of the designer

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Italian Designer Matteo Nunziati

“When I was a boy during high school, my teachers got angry because I was drawing during class hours. For me, drawing has always been a passion and a pleasure. For this reason, I consider my work to be the most extraordinary because I do what I like and someone pays me to do it!”

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Italian Designer Matteo Nunziati

“Although I believe that dissatisfaction is fundamental for an artist, I sometimes stop and looking back and I am deeply grateful for what I received. I come from a simple family from a small town in the Italian province and now I travel around the world to realize extraordinary projects and I have among my clients the President of the United States of America. I receive extraordinary gifts!”

Italian Designer Matteo Nunziati

They are all different projects. In general, I can say that I am looking for the soul of the project. For the interior this soul I find it in the tradition and the emotion transmitted from the place where it is built. In the product, I find it in the history of the company and in its specific ability to create a piece of design.”


Italian Designer Matteo Nunziati

“Sometimes I think my work is superficial, we spend a day choosing the colour of a pillow, but instead I am realizing that real beauty has a fundamental importance in human life. I become happy thinking of my children’s smile, my parents’ affectionate and deep gaze, a romantic dinner with my wife, this beauty is energy to live. And our job of making beautiful interiors and product can contribute to transmitting beauty and therefore making the people’s life more positive. I hope that the future of design will always be greater awareness and responsibility of all of us designers to look for real beauty in our products.”

Original Article: Milan Design Guide

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