If You Missed The Live Interview With Studiopepe and AD Italia, This Article is For You!

The first thought to strike us upon crossing the new mid-century collection of Studiopepe is: this is legendary! A curated selection of exquisite pieces that combine mid-century style with the elegance of Italian design . The design duo managed to put together the best of both worlds in a collection specially designed for the renowned Portuguese Brand, Essential Home. We already saw that the lighting and furniture pieces are astonishing, and yesterday the designers went live on Essential Home’s instagram to tell all about the storytelling of their incredible work. If you didn’t have the chance to see it, this article is just for you!

Studiopepe’s mid-century design ideas truly redefine the furniture design world as we know it, thanks to their unique ideas. The Italian designerss have a deep passion with Italian architecture, design and high-craftsmanship culture, and during their creative journey to Portugal, Chiara and Arianna discovered something unique. They found in Porto’s downtown area, with all of its iconic buildings, architecture landmarks, unique art and exquisite high craftsmanship culture, a brand-new scene of inspiration that made them feel at home.

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If You Missed The Live Interview With Studiopepe and AD Italia, This Article is For You!

To unveil the purity of shapes and forms of the “anni 40”, we only need to take a look at Studiopepe’s newest collection Happy Few. Mixing cutting-edge designs with retro elements create fascinating contrasts with a timeless touch, which is exactly what you can find in these stunning furniture pieces. What we learn the most from these unique designs is the inspiration behind each one of them. 

One touch and one look, and you find yourself walking the streets of Italy, discovering the architectural beauty of the 30s and 40s. A different era that teaches and inspires some of the greatest artists in the world, was also what twinkled between Chiara and Arianna’s eyes and moved them to create a collection so beautiful and elegant, that easily shines with stunning shapes that recall the grace of mid-century Italian architecture.

If You Missed The Live Interview With Studiopepe and AD Italia, This Article is For You!

You don’t have to travel far to witness the inspiration behind Studiopepe’s newest collection. Look no further than the entrance halls of Milan’s architectural buildings. Portinerie Milanesi feature square entrances bathed in beautiful wood, a simple material that goes a long way in “Happy Few”. Studiopepe doesn’t need much to impress, this new collection takes us on a journey through Italian architecture that is simply breathtaking. You find this original idea in their iconic pieces, like the Duncan sideboard, a product that defies the rules of design with curved metal structures on the sides and a geometric texture on the wood. If you look at the front of the piece, you can easily see yourself in the entrance halls of Italian buildings that call us back to the golden 40s. 

It’s pieces like Fitzgerald sofa that showcase the beauty of this inspiration, a mix between the curves of architecture and design of the 30s and 40s, with the luxury of contemporary design. Featuring an unmistakable Italian touch polished by Studiopepe, this unique collection takes you through the purity of mid-century design.

The inspirational journey continues to the unique Palazzo della Civiltà, a square architectural building with stunning arches in what is often called a celebration of the Colosseum. This iconic architectural landmark can be considered as a staple of simplified neoclassicism. Benito Mussolini calls for a contrast of curves and straight lines in a single architectural masterpiece that Studiopepe seems to replicate so beautifully on their newest collection. Entirely made of travertine marble, this building is reminiscent of poetry, art, and thinkers, and it translates to Philip center and side table, as well as Ezra dining table or Beverley side table, different products that feature the round design and the use of marble in the same way, which has us reflect on the mid-century Italian beauty and the masterminds of Italian architecture.

If You Missed The Live Interview With Studiopepe and AD Italia, This Article is For You!

Now the headquarters of FENDI, a building that is also a staple of excellent design, fashion and art, not just from the 30s and 40s, but of contemporary and modern times. Who says you can’t have one without the other? Studiopepe brings forward contemporary excellence in their stunning new designs that always add a touch of nostalgia for the “Anni 40”.

You can’t have modernity without taking a look at the past, get inspired by the great minds and designs of the golden days. That’s why you always find both in “Happy Few”, an elegant collaboration of different eras, coming together to celebrate the mid-century design style in a unique and high-end way.

If You Missed The Live Interview With Studiopepe and AD Italia, This Article is For You!


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