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Lighting wallpaper by Ingo Maurer

Lighting wallpaperIngo Maurer Architects and paper companies have invented new lighting wallpaper LED PCB to illuminate the room.

This method of lighting wallpaper opens up many possibilities, as explained very well by Ingo Maurer:”The tapestry Led offers incredible opportunity for the parties of light: a modulated light and intimate. It is magical! A great advantage is that the wallpaper LED may be linked by one or more widths and lengths according to the architecture and the provision of room.The interior designers can choose.

Ingo Maurer has been named “Best of Best” among the winners of the Interior Innovation Award January 16, thanks to this new generation of lighting wallpaper.

For three years Architects Paper and Ingo Maurer worked together to support the work on LED wallpaper. As Martin Hisge, Marketing Manager of Architects Paper, says “Product development takes time, the more so as alongside the pure wallpaper printing, a lot of new electro-technical work came our way for which we first of all had to find solutions.” And the commitment paid off. With the LED wallpaper there is the first marriage of modern lighting techniques with proven non-woven lighting wallpaper. Optically, the wall covering as printed circuit board comes from there. According to the concept of Ingo Maurer, design and function go hand in hand. On white, or by choice, green, matt non-woven wallpaper the conducting paths are printed double-sided as a closed circuit. Distributed over them are white, red and blue LEDs. The red and blue diodes form optical cuboids with the white lights loosely and irregularly spread around them.