MILAN DESIGN WEEK: After all, where will I eat?

We all understand: the first day at Milan Design Week is being so intense. All that brands, all that novelties, they just took your breath away, but they also gave you more hungry about this design city: so, you get out of I Saloni, you get out of Zone Tortona, and you want to experience more that – hell, you know! – this city can give you. After all, we are in Milan: the city of glamour, of eccentricity and opulence but, also, the city of unique places.

So, you just get out of Tortona, and the question just disturbs you. Where will I find the right place to eat, in order to end my day in the most perfect way? Of course décor light and home furniture is your passion and it already fed your soul; but, right now, you just want to feed yourself with the most pleasant delicacy and, if possible, with the most incredibly view.

The answer is here, as suggested by the luxury magazine Swide, right in the following lines: you get out of the fair and you walk a bit, right in the direction of Via Santa Sofia 10: there is the right place to eat, at first time, in Milan. Well, it’s Up Town Restaurant, nothing more, nothing less than an elegant and modern design with grey and delicate hues, offering the best mix between Italian tradition and international cuisine. The chief Carlo Ontano, guarantees the quality and diversity of plates, always conceived with ingredients of high quality.

UpTown Restaurant


Well well well.. you loved this suggestion but, anyway, you are not standing in Milan just for one night, right? You need to know where to go tomorrow, after all… Well, follow me, now, to Zero restaurant: it’s located in Corso Magenta, 87, very near of design events. You may be surprised: it’s a sushi cuisine, and who commands this cuisine is Hide Shonohara, sushi master, who will suggest you, we hope, the marveling pairing of raw fish with white truffle, a genuine and inedited delicacy of this restaurant.


Zero Restaurant


Well, “I don’t like sushi”, you say. Don’t worry, the suggestions don’t end so fast: we still have Triennale Museum Design Café&Restaurant, in Viale Amenagna 6, and I assure you, hear, you will feel the most special client. Its sitting and round tables produced by top Italian interior design industries give you a design taste impossible to deny; and, for a visual experience, you can observe the open-plan kitchen surrounded by transparent glass you can watch the chefs at work…


Triennale Museum Design Café&Restaurant


OK, you liked this one. But what about Friday, where will you eat? Fix this name: Home Delicate Restaurant. Its strategic position, right in the heart of the Fuori Saloni, is undeniably great: you can appreciate your meal right in the end of the day, without worrying about transports. Isn’t great? Otherwise, you will feel the cosy ambiance: the big couch in green leather will make you feel confortable and the mobile bar 50’s style will delight you. Just at Via Tortona, 12, in the middle of what’s happening.


Home Delicate Restaurant

We highlight The Cube: this stop is obligatory, at your last weekend in Milan. Here you will find the magic of this city: Piazza del Duomo will guide you through the stop The Cube, where you can look up at the sky and enjoy the marvelous view from the top of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. This restaurant is a Michelin starred-chefs hub and one of the best places to admire Milan. Just at Via Ugo Foscolo. After these experiences, we are sure, you will not forget Milan so soon.


The Cube inside

The Cube outside

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