Grey House lighting in 19 environments of Casa Cor 2012

We know we are not being fair: at a first look,  it seems that only european and north american design are the best. Well, today, we want to sensitize you for brazilian design: also gorgeous, also intense, and also, what’s the word? UNIQUE. Exactly.

So, today, we introduce you some illuminate environments of  Grey House lighting to Casa Cor 2012 Paraná, the biggest event of architecture and decoration of America and the second biggest of the world, occuring between 29th May to 22th July. The brilliant mind behind this project of nine environments has a face, and a name: it’s Adriana  Sypniewski, who picked carefully pieces of renowned brands, such as Mantra, Accord and Prime, which can be found at the  GreyHouse lighting.

Among the areas that will bring new trends in lighting, the Dining Room is signed by the architect Ivan Wodzinsky, Gallery, designed by architects Fernando Carvalho and Rafael Schwertner, and Hall and Female Toilette, by the duo Sabina Bottarelli Canhadas and Marina.

Now that we captivate you for brazilian art, we are sure that you already loved it!