‘Solar Tree’ lights up Clerkenwell Design Week

A ‘Solar Tree’ designed by Ross Lovegrove and manufactured by Artemide is lighting up St John’s Square in London during Clerkenwell Design Week, which starts today and ends at 24th May.

The renowned brand has expanded its lighting technology to the streets, where the Solar Tree is taking hold in municipalities that are looking for ways to conserve energy and save money. The six-metre high tree will gather solar energy through photovoltaic cells in the ten ‘heads’ of the organic structure and then store it in batteries integrated into the base. Four of the ten ‘heads’ and additional ten ‘blades of grass’ will then light up the evening street with LEDs from dusk to dawn.

Industrial designer Lovegrove believes that street furniture like this could be used to meet society’s demands for a public energy source to tap into – from chargers for mobile phones and laptops to plug-ins to power cars.It began as a research piece but is now in series production.

To admire this expensive tribute to environment (it costs more than £90, 000!), visit Clerkenwell Design Week!


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