Robots invade interior design world

 It is already known that architects hope tu use robots to fabricate buildings, but it arises a question: are there other applications for the machines in design? Well, now there are!

We present you RoboFold,  a set of robotic arms, normally used in car manufacturing, that can bend metal into furniture. The idea was developed  by the  British designer and folded metal enthusiast Gregory Epps.

The machines gently fold aluminum much like origami. The giant arms, guided by 3D modeling information made in Rhino, make shapes that would be nearly impossible otherwise, since RoboFold fold along curves instead of traditional straight lines. The folding technique cuts down on material waste.

Meanwhile, at Cornell University, a professor is teaching robots how to organize a room.

Is interior designer’s work threatened by these advanced technologies? – you legitimately ask. Well, don’t worry: interior designers don’t have much to fear since robotic applications seem limited to fabrication and detail work, for now…



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