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Summer ideas to decorate your home

Summer invaded your home and you can’t avoid the panic that already persecutes you: how will you invite guests if your house isn’t ready with the right acessories? What about the colorful objects to adorn your home? Where will I find them? – you ask yourself after had googled sistematically as your head twists to achieve a brilliant idea.

Well, what do you think that WE are doing? Advising you, of course! Forget about the easiest think: yes, we know that IKEA would be a great choice if you want to attribute a nordic flavor to your home. Well, but you want to surprise, right? So, surely, that’s not the point. The point is: unique acessories that fit into your home as a sock fits in your foot.

Ok, no more detours: we have found Weego Home, an absolutely gorgeous website of unique colorful acessories.

Weego Home, a colourful flavor

Emerge yourself in a unique design choice: Tube Floor Lamp, ideal to put above your prettiest table. Weego Home, $620,00

It creates a surprising smoked effect thanks to an innovative coloring technology!


magnetic lamps

This magnetic lamps from seventies will surely surprise your guests: an intense way of illuminating a hall, assigning a unique decoration to your home! $273,00

Ok, this already made you smile: you may confess. But if you need even more colour, last, but not least, we invite you to emerge yourself into a red bath of Diana wall lamp. This vibrant colourful lamp is the cherry in the top of the cake!








Diana wall lamp, a flexible wall lamp that adjust itself to the finest wall of your home. $1878

Now, you have no excuse to transform your home in the coolest summer spot!