Lee Jofa Store: a world of refinement

If you are a fan of decor stores, we are sure that you already have heard about Lee Jofa Store.

The timeless quality of hand-crafted furniture featuring both delicate style and unsurpassed comfort are harmoniously obtained in the Lee Jofa Furniture Collection.


An entire collection full of comfort and refinement

Its stylish and classic style is an undeniable mark of this renowned american brand. Excellence is achieved through the highest quality manufacturers, As a matter of fact, Lee Jofa offers their fabrics as well as customer own material, making a wide range of sofas, settees and chairs.

The famous blogger James Andrew at the Lee Jofa showroom

If you are curious about the history, you may like to know the meaning of the store’s name. Arthur H. Lee & Sons has bought JOFA and the name combines Arthur H. Lee & JOFA to form Lee Jofa… Pertinent, right?
The new alliance represented two and a half centuries of textile expertise. The fabrics were then, and are still considered to be, the most luxurious in the world.
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