Sexual colours by Gabriel Wickbold: get involved

If you’re expecting quite the same, today, we introduce you a thematic that surpasses the world of interior design and lighting

It is an intense way of living, this work of art photographic called “Sexual colours” that Gabriel Wickbold presents to us: the colours chosen by the artist seem to yell instead the person itself: it could be beauty, it could be sin, it could be life: it’s up to you to feel what the photography transmits you. The barriers of interpretation have been cut off and there’s only space to artistic nudity.

The social impositions are broken by a single breath of life.

When YOU are what YOU really want.

The flavor.

The sin.

The shout.


Intense colours


Intense colours

Brazilian born, Sao Paolo based  photographer Gabriel Wickbold is 27 years old. His work has been recognized all over the word.


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