Welcome to the candy shop

the candy room

Imagine the living room of your dreams: full of candies, sweetness and flavors. Well, to good to be true, right? But instead of being the living room of your dreams, the candy room really exists: it is a shop  located in Melbourne.

“Edgy, humorous, and uniquely charismatic. It was not to be simply a shop; it had to be a destination and an experience,” was the brief for the design given to Red Design Group, the creative minds behind the design of this bright new Melbourne shop.

The room includes attractive sketches of a boiling pot on a stove, shelves and stools, and even a framed portrait—the ideal handcrafted touches to make you feel right at home.

Black and white are the main colours of the interior decoration: although, the candies explode colours all over the shop.



candy room

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